Da Feet Return!


Thanks for reminding me SparkDriver, I missed them too!
I felt pretty reasonable on waking this morning, not exactly a ringing endorsement, but an improvement from the dead head.
Bob was out cycling with the Bilby's, yet I managed to get many things done early. I was failing fast by late morning though, and drew a bath and thought about climbing into bed was a priority. We decided to head out to the Apple Yurt at Pialligo as soon as Bob lunched, and pick up a bucket of just picked Gravestien's and Royal Gala. You can't beat really fresh, new season apples.
My head was pretty bad by now, although the sign for a cafe at a local nursery inspired Bob and I to divert home via the National Gallery for a (hopefully) restorative coffee amongst the gum trees. Good coffee, although it didn't work. My head hurt like hell. I dragged Bob out via the work that impressed Aki and I so much on Monday, done with Synthetic Polymer paint and punctured canvas. The Laotian name of the artist continued to defy my memory and vowel capacity.
I'm bloody annoyed now (after six pm) that I have found that my wallet, containing an uncharacteristically large amount of cash, as well as all of life's necessary cards is AWOL. This is particularly galling, as it was discovered as I flung my hand into a bag and found the smaller cash and cycle wallet that I had returned home to find (unsatisfactorily) hours earlier despite searching the same Bat-Bag repeatedly.
My cognitive functioning is failing at the moment, and it really annoys me. In the last week or two I have lost car keys, documents and who knows what else in a great big brain blah. This has happened before, and at it's worse my functioning is barely marginal. The fear, or dread, of this being a harbinger of something more sinister is worse than the effects at the moment.
I'll ring or visit the Gallery tomorrow ~I agreed to help out at the Sprint Tri Champs tomorrow morning and we have a family lunch at the Cotter after that.
Looking forward to the trip, and Lucy is looking forward to having "Uncle Paul" come to stay and look after her with plenty of TV watching and lap to cuddle on!

A Better Day


I wonder how much is psychological ~ having made the decision about the six foot track and promulgated it about (sorry ACT Cool Running Team), I was able to run better today and was genuinely delighted pleased to do the 5km flat course in 25 mins 43 seconds. Breathing was easier, if not without a rattle, and, it was enough that I am happy. Good to see MC again after her having to miss last week, and to see Aki for our usual post race refreshment on the back of a big season PB.

Warning ~ Whinge Central


Thanks for all your comments guys. Lucy is a fine specimen, and is still in fine form. If she is still around on the 13 July this year, there will be a great knees up as we celebrate her 21st! Go Lucy Cat.

Can't say I'm thrilled with the no frills blog style, but so be it. At the moment I don't think that I would be happy with anything, so I'll grow out of it. My running (and thus life itself) has almost ground to a stop, with the six foot track out of the question (it'll still be on next year, eh?) and me finding as hard going as it ever gets to expire around the course in a pathetic 36 minutes. It was my 99th run, so I had to go!

The rest of the afternoon was written off.

Everything else is generally just blah-ing along. I'm considering not taking running shoes with me to Laos (size, weight and use being more optimistic than practical).

I'm concerned that I'm ********** Brain Malfunction!! ********** completely forgot what I was going to say. Leave now!

This photo was taken of a mature Lucy in 1990, when she was just a strapping four or five year old!

With Reluctance I Aquiesce


and revert to an 'él basico' blog template - for the time being!

It might not work either!

Just relax Lucy, I know that life's stressful . . .

Strange things are happening to my blog!


Posts are disappearing, the comments page is wierd (Thanks Ewen).

I don't know where posts have gone, so stay tuned if things don't seem to change.

A lovely Saturday morning


I had a lovely time this morning, although it wasn't exactly as planned.Met Strewth and JS at the Yacht Club for a`planned 'long run'. I was awake when the (1st) alarm went off at 4:15 am. There was the usual thick band of sinus headache pounding, however I kept reminding myself that it would better if I didn't remain lying down and allowed them to drain. I got up, and gradually became a bit more human, further assisted when I had a shower (steam, good), and snorted saline and steroids.I moved some more 'stuff' out of the laundry to do some painting, and left home in good time. I hadn't had any coffee, and realising that I was early, continued on to McDonald's at Manuka in an attempt to grab a quick drive through espresso. To my surprise and testament to my ignorance, at 6:30 am there was not a soul in sight either at McDonald's or Manuka at that time.I saw Cool Runner Vurt running near the yacht club, although was not able to gain his attention. I was still in plenty of time and used the facilities underneath the yacht club which were clean and fresh smelling. Strewth and I chatted until JS arrived, (of course I knew him, even if I didn't match the name to the person).We headed off at 12 minutes past 7 in a clockwise direction, getting the no facilities West Basin of the lake out of the way first. The kilometres clicked by in a timeless fashion, all three chatting and seeing so many people we knew out for their Saturday constitutional as well. The Canberra Cross Country Club's (half?) marathon training group formed a formidable mass on the path near Weston Park.To my genuine surprise, the toilet block on the north western fringe of The lake (near the divergence to Aranda and the Rowing Regatta course) was open, and again clean and fresh. We all made use of the facilities, although I began to get an inkling here that all was not well with all of me. The legs and the talk pace lungs were brilliant, however other parts of me seemed to be falling apart.By Hospital Hill the spasmodic sharp pain caused me to stop, then walk uncomfortably, and I realised that it would very foolish to continue for another three hours. Sensibly and reluctantly I insisted that JS and Strewth continue on, and once sure of their route, hoped to rejoin them for the return leg. Moving off, it was apparent that walking was very painful, and even once I had fixed myself up more at the car, it wouldn't be too wise to run more.The few kilometres back to the car took forever ~admittedly there was a long talk at Acton Ferry to the Ultra Queen, and once again I was shocked to feel how much it hurt to walk after relative comfort when standing.Although only running for about an hour, two hours had passed by the time I returned to the car. I sorted myself out as best I could, was rather concerned to find out what the real problem was with so much blood, and changed into cool, loose clothes and sandals. I wandered around the yacht club, a hive of activity on the lake with Rowing fours warming up; a large contingent of kayakers; the first wave from the Sailing School; Dragon Boats and the Paddle Steamer from the National Museum. I sat for a while on the patio (their description) at the back of the club and watched the passing parade, listening for a time to The Music Show on Radio National, which featured Monteverdi's madrigal "The Lament of the Nymph" and the Composer Brett Dean.Standing was the most comfortable position, but difficult to maintain. I walked a little, keeping an eye on the clock to see when Strewth and JS would return. Feeling very woozy, When the Club opened it's doors at 11:00 am, I popped in (after two couples who were waiting outside and started playing the poker machines and ordering middies of beer) and grabbed a quick, extremely refreshing and well priced ($1) large soda water with lemon.Not wanting to miss my friends return, I returned outside and walked down the path a little, seeing the pair running with a beautiful fresh style at the launching beach at the end of their run. Mr B had also joined them on his bike for the later part of the run, so the four of us retired to the Kingston Grind for coffee and gossip. A lovely day. It will take a little time to assess the 'damage' and I may or may not run again soon. Sensible. Try to be sensible. --Posted by Carolyne to Flash Duck 2006 at 2/18/2006 04:04:00 PM

AIS. 7pm.



Be There.

Another day, another . . .


Bad run.
Bob has been feeling under the weather lately, and was slow to get going on his packing and preparation for Hobart after returning from Jervis Bay on Monday.

Thus, he only started packing his bike (into a hard shell bike case) on Tuesday morning and was generally running late, and tired, throughout. We managed to just get to the airport in time for his high noon flight, and I then hot footed it down the highway to Woden for the BBQ Stakes, a bucket of muffins at the ready to celebrate Friar's birthday. Originally Rad and I had planned to celebrate as close as we could to his actual birthday on Monday, by having a more intimate celebration at the Lake Tuggeranong Stakes. However we were unable to ascertain Friar's whereabouts and moved the event to Woden. This had meant that the original (only slightly sticky) Date Cake I had made, with accompanying muffins was inappropriate for the much larger Stakes crowd of 40-60 runners. I reverted to the unmentionable once I had exhausted the kilo of dates and used a (not very good, as it turned out) packet mix for some additional chocolate muffins.

Despite the rush to the airport, I was in plenty of time at Woden and enjoyed having a good chat to Rad (who came along especially for Friar) before heading off to change at the Library. To my delight, my handicap had eventually been altered, from 12:15 (where I had been consistently coming last or close to it) to 11:30. I felt OK, but just couldn't move it. Very uneven km splits, slowing terribly at any rise. Gut pain intervened in great spasms nearing the turnaround point, and although I was tempted to take the short cut back to the finish along Hindmarsh Drive, using the additional justification of having to prepare the birthday cakes for Friar.

I didn't take the shortcut, and was passed by a further procession of runners making me believe that once again I was last by the 4km mark. The pain was pretty bad here, and I felt like collapsing in the bushes except that there was the occasional thud of yet another back marker coming up behind me. I had to hold on.

The run down Waldock St is normally my best stretch - I like to open up running downhill and can really pick up speed and momentum. Not today. Pain meant that each footfall was tentative and short. Not a return to reasonable times today.

To my surprise, I caught up with two other early starters near the end, although was unable to get Rad in a sprint for the line. I finished 42nd out of 45 finishers, even with my easier handicap and working hard all the way. Although anxious to get to the toilets at the library, I set up the muffins in a shopping trolley (!) and hung around awkwardly until the presentations were made and I could announce Friar's Birthday. I then whizzed away and only Friar and Rad remained when I returned.
I went home via Civic where I dropped in some forms for Bob, and secured a CD of National Music for the Fat Ass 24 hour track team in Taiwan from our local parliamentary representative. I wandered a bit, knowing that there were a number of things I needed to do, and baulking at spending the money to sit and regroup and write a list over a coffee on my own. (I really am a cheapskate). I toyed with the idea of calling Strewth to see if she could get away, however I was feeling pretty poorly, and was daunted by the bustling busyness of her office when I popped in the other day and didn't feel I should try to drag her away.

An unfortunate pattern seems to be emerging


Hmmm, it seems as though a pattern is being established; to wit ~ start to 'come good' by about Tuesday, toddle along slowly during the week, and then 'crash and burn' by the weekend with pain and illness for the next few days.


But it might change this week!

Saturday deteriorated significantly following my last post. Never a good sign being covered in goose-flesh and shivering with cold when it is 31 degrees outside. Went to bed, slept fitfully and lost the day. Felt increasingly worse and made a call to advise Geoff that I was an unlikely starter for the Mountain Run on Sunday (he was giving me a lift). Gut still very much aggrieved, however the sinus' were wrecking their revenge now. Head felt as though every bone in it had been smashed.

Woke many hours after the planned 5:45am pick-up time on Sunday feeling like death would be a welcome relief. It was good if I could snatch sleep to subdue the shocking head pain, although this was fairly regular it wasn't enough. Any movement meant induced further pain, dizziness and nausea and vomiting. Able to first have a drink in the early evening.

On Monday the head was better, if still not good. Made a point of going out of the house for a walk at the very least. Still nauseous with movement, putting my head lower was never a good idea, and would revert to my Hang Five surfing stance regularly to protect my balance when it would go skew whiff from doing something outrageous, like, uh, standing still. Bob collected me at Lake Ginninderra on his way back from the coast.

I am pleased that I was stubborn enough to assume normal service on Tuesday, no matter how ill deserved. Went along with those fine gentlemen of Canberra running, Rad and
Friar to yet another of the regular Canberra lunchtime runs, the Lake Tuggeranong Stakes on the southern fringe of Canberra. It is also a weekly 6km handicap event, run on the flat bike paths adjacent to Lake Tuggeranong. Tuesday lunchtimes are well catered for in the ACT ~ there is the monthly Lake Ginninderra Stakes on the last Tuesday of the month; and the short, but excellent mountain 'Run Ups' of Mt Ainslie and Black Mountain on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.
Whilst the Lake Tuggeranong event is now usually an out and back event on the eastern shore of the lake, it was conducted as a loop on this occasion. Not fit, not fast, and not under 5 minute pace, at least I adopted an appropriate handicap to go off, finishing behind the winner, Rad although towards the end. I have to accept that any running at the moment is good, no matter what speed.
That afternoon, Bob and I headed down to Stage 88 for the Cross Country Clubs third run in the summer series, 5km over the course now used for the Women's and Girls Fun Run in April each year. I felt OK running for the first three kms, until gut pain struck and struck me down. I finished, although had to turn my dash to the line (downhill at that) to a slow and awkward limp clutching my side. I had started conservatively and increased my pace and passed people up to and beyond the turn around, however along the shore-front at Gallipoli Reach just moving forward, instead of collapsing downward was the aim. Oh well. It'll get better.

Bad Duck?


Well, not really . . . although I feel that way.

It has not been much of a week; Tuesday with Aki was good, and I enjoyed the
Cross Country Summer Series not matter how slow the 'race' was, it was wonderful to do a 7km warm down with Strewth along the bike paths of Woden.

Wednesday was another brick in the wall for the
BBQ Stakes T-Shirt quest; 97 down and 3 to go. It has 'only' taken me fifteen years!

My hairdresser had rung to request that I change my long overdue appointment for a haircut from BBQ Stakes time to earlier that morning. (Yay!). Always enjoy chatting to Angelo, and it was a wonderful relief to have the offending locks cut off. I had said that the first words Bob would utter when I kissed and ran (he was working next door) would be "looks good, too short though". I was spot on. Diverted via Rad's place on the way to the Stakes to check on how he was going. Thankfully he was going well, although would delay restarting running until the Vets Sprint Marathon Relay on Sunday.

I was at Woden in plenty of time, so after I changed I went for a longer warm up, which I rather stuffed up. With a toilet stop inserted into it, I found that I was running back to the start as runners were on their way, including those whose handicaps were behind mine. Doh! Consequently, my BBQ Stakes run was at about the same pace as the warm up. Certainly well and truly last on the new out and back course.

Thursday. Plan to run long no matter what. Gut pain intervenes and I am a miserable duck all day. Realising that Bob has arranged for a plumber to come on Saturday morning to fit and fix a new tap, and stated that we will supply it, I walked down to the newly opened hardware mega store and arbitrarily chose one. Looked at paint swatches.
Friday. Plan is to drive car to Customs and leave it in Civic for Bob to make a quick getaway to the coast for the Jervis Bay Tri. Sluggish start with gut and associated back pain increasing. Used the car to fill my prescription repeat for antibiotics mark IV. Found it painful to walk to the start of Customs. Decided to go off early as I was feeling pretty poorly. Left on 1 minute, and was running a bit better than the previous week, and had dreams of breaking 25 minutes. No such luck. Bob joined me as I neared the end and ran back with me to the finish before heading back to the office so he could get away quickly. Had coffee with Bob before walking back home. Sinus pain is still bad. I guess that we will look for CATs again, although my understanding is that that after a couple of operations, no more bone can be removed so apart from snorting saline and steroids there is nothing that can be done surgically. Sigh . . . .

Saturday. Still stuck with episodes of acute gut pain which disturbed my sleep and makes me somewhat miserable. Set every alarm to go off to ensure that I was out of bed in plenty of time for the plumber to arrive. No run yet, and pain continues fairly steadily with intermittent episodes of crippling pain. If anything, running was not significantly worse than walking or running, but maybe that is partly due to running always hurts. I don't know how I'd go on my own though without a reason to 'push through'. Good weather though, I need to go for a walk at least!
Might just have a 'nice lie down' first though as soon as the plumber leaves . . . .

The week that was


I'm looking forward to the opportunity to just sit and catch up on blogs; mine, others, reading email and just 'chilling' while alert and not asleep for a change!

Thursday 2 February
Aquathon with Aki, Strewth and Bob (a.k.a. FlashDrake) in the evening. The enduro format of the long race would suit a team, the first 300m swim and 2.5km run followed immediately by another. In only her second time in the lake, Aki's swim starred and she was considerably faster than many in the short course event. I'll lose her to doing the whole event before long. It is great fun doing it as a team though!

Friday 3 February
It's Friday. Brush teeth, go to Customs. I stuffed up the entry of results of the previous week and forgot to bring a start list (doh! My brain is certainly only firing on one cylinder at the moment) which caused some consternation at the event. Ran hard. 5k in 26:40. Absolutely buggered at the end. I don't know what's wrong with me. Good coffee and warm down with Aki afterwards though.
Saturday 4 February
Planned to jog the 960m (or thereabouts) down the road to join SpeedyGeoff at the training session. Set Alarm on mobile to warn me. Slept through this, phone calls, a hungry cat bouncing on the bed and who knows what else to awake feeling decidedly crook at nearly two in the afternoon. Something to drink, then more sleep.
Sunday 5 February
Very similar to Saturday. Missed seeing Aki for a long run. Missed seeing Lucky Legs and Wombat at the AIS track. Was wheeled out to family gathering at the botanic gardens for an hour before nephews number 1 and 4 returned interstate. Nice setting and weather. Serious gut pain and headache. Returned to bed. Bad friend. Unreliable again.
Monday 6 February
Slept through loud mobile phone alarm to remind me to call doctor for appointment. A tad better in the afternoon, walked up Mt Painter.
Tuesday 7 February
Bob made doctors appointment for me from the office. 4:15pm. Excellent. His back had suddenly become very painful over the last few days and he managed to get into the Physio with a cancellation in about half an hour. As he was without a car, I put in my contact lenses and grabbed some bags with clothes in it and collected him from Civic and drove him to Dickson for the appointment. He's very concerned about being right for the Long Course Tri on the weekend at Jervis Bay. Dropped Bob back at work, did washing, picked up Aki for her first Mt Ainslie run up. Good fun. Pleased that she was ahead of me from the massed start!
Just got to the GP in time. To quote: "My sinus' are shot" and "(I am) a problem child". Another ten day course of an alternative antibiotic. If not, then a "CAT Scan to see how many cats we can find". Doctor John is in fine form.
Phibes introduced new Canberra Cool Runner Vurt to me before the start of the Cross Country. Mild weather meant that the conditions were good. Knew that a gentle jog was all I could hope for. Still a slow time, (26-27 minutes), but fairly comfortable and another of very even splits. Amazing how many people on passes on the second lap by running fairly evenly.
Lovely warm down jog with Strewth afterwards where I battered her ears for 7km.



With absolutely no objective evidence (in fact one could argue that it points to the contrary), I feel as though things are looking up.

I got stuck into painting the storeroom yesterday. A small room, but with a v.e.r.y. high ceiling. I put a stack of elfa wire shelving up last year above hooks for four bikes to hang. Getting the stuff down was exciting enough, but painting the cathedral ceiling and the wall where it joins was thrilling. Fool hardy, but thrilling.

Needing to use a small brush for the narrow corners, and with Bob doing a long cycle out along Lake George, I had to climb up and down the extended ladder after every second brushstroke. Keeping an eye on the clock, I was keen to finish the first coat before heading off to the lunchtime
Lake Ginninderra run so that I could finish the job that afternoon. I did, but in the process arrived paint splattered, and after the last runner had left. I raced off anyway, dodging the roadworks and cars whilst the path was diverted for construction and repair, and keen to catch up where I could. I wasn't running fast, a steady five minute pace throughout, but felt good on the run and enjoyed it, keeping up even splits and slightly cooler conditions more conducive to running in the middle of the day.

I finished as the presentations were being completed, being handed a very welcome cup of water by
Aki who was looking fit and fast. Not much time to catch up, as Bob required the car to get to an overdue hair appointment, and (yet more) painting awaited.

Finished the job that afternoon, and felt a bit flat. A quick change of clothes and Bob and I headed down to Weston Park for the first
Cross Country event of the 5k Summer Series. It was a roundabout course, out and back along the much of the Longstaff/Pennington route along grass for much of the way. No matter how slow I was there was quite a lot of positives from this run in 26:14 too ~ perfectly even splits to the hundredth of a second! That it is that close is just luck and co-incidence, however it was interesting to see how many people I reeled in and passed over the last two or 3 kilometres as I paced myself evenly with 13:07.2. Slow, but felt good.

Sinuses are still an issue, and with a fairly considerable night sweat and bad, stuffy head on Wednesday morning I was not happy. Went down to the BB Stakes at Woden at lunchtime anyway (gotta get that T-Shirt!) and was amazed during my warm-up and how the legs just wouldn't move. Some stiffness and 'tension' around the top of the inside thighs was also apparent. Amazing that I could feel muscle tension/pain finally, after all this time! Off my usual handicap of 12:15 (when will they realise that off this time I keep coming last?) and felt OK to start. My shoelaces were undone though, and with an uphill start running in reverse, I kept plugging away until I crested the rise, and stopped at a bench to tie them up. It was really hard to get moving after that however, and I could feel that I had tied them up too hard, but I wasn't going to stop again! I was passed by one runner after another, although I felt pretty good about the run, despite being really slow churning out 6 minute kilometres, despite 'racing'!

Speedy Geoff met me at the top of Waldock St, and we ran to the finish together which was very pleasant. Once again the kindness of runners came to the fore when I discovered that I had lost my car key from the (un) zippered rear pocket in my shorts. Quite a few people assisted me in looking for it, taking up their time and effort on my behalf. Thanks HL, Friar, and SpeedyGeoff for your efforts. It turned out that I had left the car unlocked inadvertently and had my complete set of keys inside. We weren't able to find it, hopefully I dropped it into the money envelope, I was not feeling myself today at all. I do not have my wits about me at all.
Weird, super slow, but a 'happy run' nevertheless. On arriving home, Bob and I cycled out to the Gunghalin cemetery to see visit his father Frank's grave. Although the old fella died in 1994 at the age of 91, it was his birthday today and he would have been 103. We actually diverted along the new Gunghalin Drive Extension (GDE), still under construction, and had a great stretch of well made dirt road to ourselves as a shortcut between Ginninderra Drive and the Barton Highway.
Felt OK cycling too. Tomorrow ~the return of the Cool Running Chicky Babes Team as they take on Race 2 of the TACT Aquathon Series.

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