Swell Cafe Avalon


Swell Café @ Avalon.
A cool buzz of minimalism always seems .to Be busy When I pass.

Stacked bleached bentwood stools seem to ebb anl flow around the footpath likc
An organic aemeba to accommodate friends walking by.  Spying a rare, spare table in the sun, I ordered a Caffé Dopio to test their caffienation abilities.

Verdict: Pretty good, with great service and water & sugar (served Italian style) arriving first unrequested.  Many brownie points there.

The morning & weekend cool crowd had been replaced by an ecletic mix, ilncluding an old school hatted gentleman who looked as though he had lost his way from the RSL enjoying his lunch & the days newspaper in
The stark gloss white and chrome corner on a shared bench.

The white-board menu looks interesting & seasonal too.  Everybody else seems to be enjoying it.  Reluctantly I leave my place in the sun.  

2006 10 26 Blog


2006 10 26 Blog

On our regular walks, Molly and I are acutely aware of the two major sports for Sydney Siders;- Real Estate and Home Renovation. Every third house has either a large, glossy billboard extolling the  virtues of the home in question, with a frequent use of the words:
  • Views

  • Potential

  • Contemporary

  • Family

And almost without exception a wide angled photo of a living area with polished boards.  

The other, smaller yellow council development signs are just as frequent, usually indicating that they are for “additions and alterations”.  This means that from 7:30 am or so, the already crowded narrow and winding streets have a bevy of tradesmen’s trucks and utes added to the collection of boats and 4wd camping trailers, many with protective wheel clamps.  

Another feature is the dominance of Vermont Blue Paint, that shade that is so dominant around the Green Mountain State, which contrasts so well with the autumnal reds and yellows.  OK, maybe the blue has more of a Pacific Blue tinge, but among the uber cool  dark brown and cream facades and their stainless steel letterboxes and numbers, much of the weatherboard facing or deck railings are in shades of blue.

Another inclement Thursday


2006 10 25 Blog

The unpredictable Sydney Spring weather continued, but I was finally able to connect my laptop to the Internet, albeit with a 41mps dial-up connection, and submit my tax.

In the afternoon, Molly and I once again headed out for an evening jog, down to the Yacht Club at Newport, and then north along the waterfront. I took us on a few dead end excursions where I thought that there was the likelihood of a public pathway at the end through to a higher level of the winding streets of these parts.

She didn’t seem to mind, and I knew this time where there was a park at a tidal bay where we could each get a drink. About 10 kilometres later, we were both tired, but happy, and when she came in to ‘watch television’ in the evening, she made a beeline to the rug and crashed out on her side with her legs extended.

Although I may not be her owner, in a manner that we share the appearance of dark (slightly greying? Never!) hair and an unaccountably broad backside. Is it my imagination, or has she lost a bit of weight in the last week?

Today I drove up to Cottage Point, guiltily hiding in the metal canopy of the car as the weather kept changing with showers of heavy drops making the prospect of cycling less attractive.

I wandered down to the Kiosk and General Store at Cottage Point for a coffee, (insert photo) where the sun might not have exactly come out, but at least there wasn’t any rain. In such an isolated area, the price of everything was at a premium (a cup of coffee $4, a mug $4.50; Hamburgers with chips around $12+; other fish based dishes (which sounded bloody good) $21-25).

The coffee was really good – a proper espresso and good value.

I studied some topo and walking maps of the area, planning to come back to run on the trails (when there isn’t a Total Fire Ban), having become somewhat tired of the relentless bitumen bashing in this beautiful part of the world.

On my way back, I carefully recorded the splits between turnoffs for cycling there as soon as the weather clears up. (Is the weather ever going to clear up?). Although there is a decent climb around Coal and Candle Creek, it was certainly good cycling. Pity that I’m such a wimp for cold and wet.

Northern Beaches Run


Pump It Up


The morning was slow, with little improvement in my headache. After heading up to Palm Beach ( not planned, I just explored some of the back streets to Careel Bay and ended up on the tip of the peninsula). The coffee was reasonable and it was good to soak up some sun, even if it was still considerably cooler than Canberra. Pretty amazing at this early stage of the year.

When I returned home I was torn between my desire to run, and my desire to give Molly a decent walk after this morning's sedate excursion. I wasn't sure how she would cope, but I decided to give her a go at going for a jog with me. It was a roaring success!

Taking heed of some of the roads I drove along this morning, we just went exploring, and I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed just trotting and was neither aware nor interested in how far or fast we were travelling. I was just enjoying it all.

I was a little concerned as we headed along Riverview Rd that I had miscalculated somewhat, and there was no sign of parks or taps to get Molly a drink. She looked comfortable, not panting too much with her tail wagging 18 to the dozen. Turning back to the south I was reasonably confident about ending up in the Avalon shopping village. I stopped at one quiet intersection to get my bearings, and Molly sat, then lay, down in the gutter for a breather. I felt increasingly guilty that I hadn't yet found a drink for her, and we were soon at Barrenjoey Rd and the fringes of Avalon shops. We were comfortable jogging along, and unable to find a tap at the recreation centre or netball courts which could be turned on, so headed into the campus of the primary school.

She drank with gusto, although paid as much heed to the corner of rice cracker which has sought freedom from some childs lunchbox, and a squashed half of a chip.

It was all uphill from here, so while we jogged where we could, there was no complaint when we slowed to a walk up the stairs in Palmgrove Park and up the short, steep rock steps to the pinnacle.

All in all, a great success, the pace averaged around 6:30-7:00 minute k's when we were moving, which was most of the time after the initial sniff and smell. She is now very tired and flat out like a lizard drinking.

The Lament of Bilgola Belly


I have been struck down by the dreaded "Bilgola Belly" since Friday, which has severely restricted my movements (¿pun intended) to the grounds of the house & its near environs when walking Molly.

In the sympathetic collective notion of "one out, all out". My sinuses have also staged a revolt, involving my glands in its headachy protest to the road train being driven through my head.

Thus, I reluctantly withdrew from the 'Sydney Spring Cycle', & huddled inside for warmth as we managed to get more rain than the rest of the State. This morning's SMH confirmed 16mm locally (@ Avalon), whereas most of Sydney struggled to get above 0.2mm.

My head was no better on waking, however the weather had improved no end, which always helps. Molly and I left late for our walk, uncharacteristicly only going as far as 'Plateau Park', about 800m from home, where I could let her off leash, settle on a park bench, and throw a collection of sticks across the paddock.

We were almost instantly joined by six dogs and their owners, each carrying ball-throwing devices, (which, it must be said with a hint of sexism, meant that their tennis balls were propelled much further than if they were purely to rely on their female elbow throwing action).

Their dogs didn't actually get much exercise, as most time was spent chatting and their dogs just hung around. Molly and I explored the immediate area for a short time before returning home, still with a Sinus' Rave Party in my head.

The better weather encouraged me to rake up some of the detritus from the 'dark and stormy' weekend which had blown leaves and garden refuse all over the deck and lawn. I pulled out a ladder and retrieved 'Mr .Squeaky' (not my nomenclature) from the roof of the garage where I had flung it in a bold girly-elbowed fling a few days earlier with my never-been-dexterous left aim while trying to be smart and do other things with my right.

I am writing this whilst overlooking Pittwater over a cup of coffee (long black: $3.50 a mug - an unexpected 3 1/2 from an unpromising looking kiosk) at Palm Beach. The caffeine has aided my headache, although the sun and getting out probably accounts for more. Thank goodness for the PDA.

While I now have the power cord for the laptop, I have no way of connecting it (yet) to the Internet, hence my lack of posting of maps, photos, etc.

I feel up to a gentle (but never flat) run this afternoon should roll back down Barrenjoey Rd soon.

A Milder and Still Thursday


I slept better last night and woke before 5:30 am as planned.

After changing and making sure I had both money and doggie poo bags, we headed off on a different route, taking a few of the rare, but welcome bush tracks as an alternative to the relentless bitumen road surface and dodging four whhel drives, boats and trailers parked in the already narrow, winding streets. Verges were often non-existant, or littered with lush vegetation or tree roots to make much walking on the nature strip unviable. We enjoyed our walk through the bush, with Molloy exhibiting why four legs are better than 2 for scrambling over rocks.

Picking up a newspaper on the way home, I read this on the deck while having breakfast of FortiJuice, and planned what to do next. The conditions were much more conjucive to exercise today, with scattered high cloud and little wind. I decided to run early to make sure that I got it in, and did an easy hour along Prince Alfred Drive at Pittwater and up the very steep and winding (Speed Limit 25 km/hr - corner advisory 15 km/hr) Grandview Drive. I did stop and walk at one point, but only for a minute or two!

So, a little over an hour, with not much distance, but a good run. I remembered to take my Ventolin first this time and didn't have any difficulty with breathing.

Recovery consisted of reading the now delivered local rag, The Manly Daily on the Deck while playing with Molly. After I washed and brushed my teeth, my earlier enthusiasm for jumping on my bike (and thus getting all hot and sweaty again) waned, and I didn't put on my cycling gear as planned and instead had a 'bit of a lie down', sleeping briefly.

Although a bit guilty, I felt much better when I got up, and after regrouping my thoughts, did get out on the bike for a ride, knowing that all roads led down, and that the climb back up home would inevitably come! I didn't ride far or long ~ as planned ~ and went back to Cafe Ibiza on my way home before attacking the hills.

From my walks I knew that there were some alternative routes - still steep - but less trafficked than the main drag 'Plateau Road' coming up from the roundabout at the end of Bilgola Bends. I did quite a bit of backtracking in attempting to come across the correct roads (not wanting to carry my heavy bike up through the bush steps I had walked down), but I found a reasonable route and was able to stay in the saddle the whole way, even though I did need to utilise my granny gears to do it!

Another hour-long walk with Molly rounded out the day.

left the power cord for my laptop at home, and I am lost without it! Bob has posted it up, and hopefully it will arrive today (along with my bike number for the Sydney Spring Cycle on Sunday), but while I have access to a desktop computer and email in the study, all the software (photos of Molly, Flannel Flowers etc will be posted then) I depend upon is not accessible to me. I do have 24 mins of battery power left, however I don't want to use it all up at once!

The blogging will be more frequent and consistant when I am powered up again!

Gusty, windy Wednesday


The weather conspired against my weak will on Wednesday, with gusty winds and conditions that closed beaches. It wasn't an ideal day to cycle, especially when unsure of the terrain and rather more perilous roads around here.

After a disturbed night's sleep, I think was was dehydrated, Molloy and I got underway much later than anticipated. However I did remember the plastic 'poo' bags this time, even though I forgot the cash to buy the newspaper. We had a good ramble, maintaining quite a clip throughout for well over an hour.

Still undecided about cycling, I thought that I should walk down to Avalon shops and suss out the numerous cafes and shops. There were many, many coffee options and an astounding number of boutiques, with a good sprinkling of essentials such as bottle shops and support agents for the local sport - Real Estate. I wandered over to the beach and checked out the rock pool, complete with a bored looking lifeguard for the lone swmmer. I bought a newspaper, and settled on "Cafe Ibiza" as it promoted itself as roasting it's own beans. The wind was so unpleasant that I sat inside and whiled away an hour while catching up on news, chatting to the owner and drinking a litre of water.

An extended exploratory walk home led me to Angraphora Reserve and it's bush walking track. I was assaulted by fields of flannel flowers lining the path as it wound its way around the rocks and up the escarpment. Unfortunately I became very chaffed and a rash delveloped which made the end of the walk very uncomfortable, and the idea of a run (my next plan) was out of the question. A soothing bath, and the application of cream and vaseline did little to take away the irritation. An early evening walk with Molly rounded out the evening and I had an early night.

Bbbrrrr. A Cool Start in God's Country.


Bob and I travelled up to Sydney around lunchtime on Monday, arriving at our friends' house in Bilgola Plateau mid-afternoon.

To my surprise, Molly was not a retriever-style dog, but instead a cattle dog / kelpie cross with a broad beam (like me!) and fearsome bark. Although unsure of strangers (postmen beware!) she is quite well trained, very friendly and loyal.

On Tuesday morning Bob, Gerd and I walked Molly for around an hour around the undulating streets up and around the plateau for her morning constitutional. Despite times of extended stopping and sniffing, at times the pace was a furious trot, so the exercise level was generally quite high. There wasn't much time afterwards before we all drove into the city and onward to the airport where we dropped our hosts at the Domestic Terminal. With around an hour and a half before Bob departed, I suggested that we head to the southern suburbs and have a coffee in the more culturally interesting area of Rockdale, rather than hang around the airport precinct with it's overpriced goods and $14 an hour parking.

Within a few minutes we were there, and transported into a world far removed from Canberra and the northern beachside culture. There was no shortage of options of where to grab a cup, and we eventually settled on a pavement chair at the M&M Bakery off the Princess Highway. There were quite a few old men sitting there, smoking and no doubt arguing about politics or the way of the world in their countries old or new.

The service couldn't have been friendlier, and Bob's eyes nearly popped out of his head when advised that our two cups of coffee and water was $4.40 all up. It was good coffee too . . . a bit of an aftertaste, but very good nevertheless. We looked at a few of the interesting deli's and bakeries, where Bob bought one slice (or slab!) of Spinach and Ricotta Burek for his return journey.

Still with time up our sleeve, I searched further north up the Highway for the Lebanese Bakery that I remember opening in the early eighties. We found it, and had another coffee there ($3, and also excellent - somwhat between a middle eastern and european style), and Bob also bought half a kilo of not-quite-so fat ladden pastries to take home with him. with his training ramped up to 5 or 6 hour training days at the moment (long cycle up to Corin Dam tomorrow for example), he can afford to have some of this 'bad' food.

After I dropped Bob off, I drove back North, deciding more as an afterthought to come through Ku-Ring-Gai National Park and via Chruch Point, at least partly to check out the road for cycling. It was a steady climb (or would be in the outward direction), but emminantly doable I judged. The conditions today were uninspiring however. A respite from the century scratching temperatures of the weekend were no doubt a relief for everyone, however I will look forward to it warming up and the heavy cloud cover lifting!
In the afternoon I headed out for a run, a wonderful exploratory run around the suburb and beyond, eventually following a 'No Through Road' sign along (?) Hilltop Drive to it's end, to find a path at the end which led, through my rather good directional nose, near to my starting point. A good loop, with plenty of climbing (around 250m of ascent in 9 and a bit kilometres), taking just over an hour. Forgot to take my Ventolin beforehand, which I noticed, but otherwise it was all good.
Allowing myself only a drink and putting on a top, I then went for a pre-prandial walk with a somewhat reluctant Molloy, taking half an hour or so, with some jogging, some stopping and some co-ercion when she knew a shortcut home.
I forgot some things at home (like a cable to recharge my laptop), so am not as wired as I would like today. Tomorrow? Another run, and a cycle somewhere.
And of course a couple of long walks with Molloy to bookend the day.

Weekend Wrap -Up


My run at Customs on Friday was great.
The time? 28:and a half ; so not fast, nor even rattling my 'recent' PB of sub-28 two weeks ago, or 22:00 minutes a year past.
However I ran comfortably, despite very hot and sometimes windy conditions, and was strangely aware of the sound of my exhaled breath during the first 2 kilometres, with no sign of the wheezing gurgling intake that has dominated past runs.
I did remember to take the Ventolin before I ran today!
I settled into an enjoyment of running that I haven't had for far too long, and was wishing that it was a 10k, rather than 5k event towards the end.
It was good that it wasn't however, as rounding underneath Commonwealth Ave Bridge for the final time, my mouth was so dry and full of dust that water was certainly needed soon. Nick passed me here, followed by a procession of heavy breathing good looking young men, Chris, Grant, Mike . . . I had no chance of catching them or Jodie as I came up the final hill.
Afterwards Aki and I enjoyed an icy treat and a drink at the two venues at Acton Ferry Terminal, well away from the last hurrah of floriade crowds, and in a peaceful, shady setting. It was very pleasant, and we both felt like just lying down on the grass and wiling the afternoon away, however I had many tasks to undertake and reluctantly got back on my bike and rode uphill home in the heat and headwind.
Encouraged by the good feeling of running at Customs I was confident about fronting up to Fitzroy Falls on Saturday. Picking up Aki at 6:00 a.m., we had a good run up the highway and found our way to the race site easily without a map, just missing out on the start of the Marathon due to my need to stop at McDonald's Goulburn roadside bathroom and coffee stop en route. It was great to see so many Cool Running caps and tops already there, and before I knew it, the hour had passed for the 10k to start.
I ran with Alice until the first aid station (2.5 k.m.) and was to be delighted with my conservative, chatting start later on. The conditions were tough, however I couldn't stop thinking about those doing the Marathon on a far tougher course, over 42 dusty kilometres and in the heat of the day.
[to be continued . . . . .]
Fitzroy Falls Stats
2006 10k 2005 Marathon
Time 1:04:58 Time 4:21:42
Pace 6:26 Pace 6:13
Distance 10.09 Distance 42.4
Max Heart Rate 181 bpm Max Heart Rate 188 bpm
Average HR 151 bpm Average HR 150 bpm
Elevation gain 251m Elevation gain 848m

Catching Up!


I can't remember where I have been up to, but just thought that I should make do with a brief update anyway.
It has been a hectic patch, with the almost inevitable stumble and smoulder from possibly doing too much last Thursday in the gale force winds.
Despite my intent and preparations to go to the gym on Thursday night when Bob headed off to Swim Squad, I faded fast and was asleep by the time he got home. Small mouth ulcers and badly slashed lips had begun to appear (like the canary down the mine), a symbol of my immune system starting to rebel. A solid, if unrefreshing, night's sleep did not help, and I was unsure about whether capable or not of fronting up to Customs for my regular Friday fix.
The early optimism was cut short as the morning wore on, and I reluctantly returned to bed and a good lie down well before I was due to head off. This continued over the weekend, accompanied by vertigo and spinning, sinus headaches and nausea on movement. Same old. same old, but a nuisance nevertheless.
An attempted mountain bike bush bash on Saturday was hard going but very enjoyable, however attempting to push up a dry rocky hill with weak will and legs on 90 psi slicks and carrying heavy racks and a U-Bolt. I came down hard, and although I started to continue, after moving only a few inches I realised that it wasn't my day and backtracked to meet up with the new bike-path for a smoother ride home up the hill. I still found it hard.
To my surprise my elbow had taken a full whack and was very tender and painful, and came up in a dramatic purple swelling. I prepared food for Bob, but took it easy and retired to bed early and was asleep in no time. The nausea meant that even talking was difficult, so I hadn't talked to Aki for days!
Gradually things improved so that I think that now (Thursday 12 October) things are almost back to normal, however I am needing to prepare for my fortnight of Dog Sitting (hello "Polly") on the Northern Beaches from Next Week. Bob and I shall head up to visit our friends on Monday, having dinner together and being introduced as "friend" not "foe" to the apparently very boisterous 1 year old. Bob shall then head back to Canberra after they fly out so that he can spend a fortnight of concentrated quality training for the World's Long Course Tri in late November. He will be without our car, but will be doing a lot of long rides and runs, (and swim squads of course) around the countryside.
It will be good that I won't be around for the Brindabella Classic this year, however there is the Sydney Spring Cycle on Sunday 22 October instead. I will be taking up my shopping trolley bike (the Cannondale F600) so maybe a social ride will be in order instead?
Knowing what to take up with me for the two weeks or so (I come back around the 1st November I think) is tricky though. Lots of dog walking, just down the road to beach, some cycling around the National Park, some geocaching (preparations well underway!), and hopefully catching up with friends. Computer, camera, bike, running gear, 'decent' gear (very limited at the moment given my gargantuan size) music, music, music . . ..

Frankenstein's Daughter Grows!


I haven't actually lost my mind, but I have lost my time in this whirlwind of relative good health!

Thursday was a most exciting day, with Aki succeeding in cycling the perimeter of West Basin today, and in the strongest wind imaginable!

The day started off simply enough, with a 7:30 am start for me to cycle over to Rad's place. From there we decided to head over to Friar's place and cycled along the bike path as far as Cotter Road and then on the road to his house. A quick 'hello' before heading back up the hill and around the Lake to meet Aki and the PRB at Reconciliation Place where they were practicing their skills. After handing over some knicks with padded bottoms for the sore unpadded behinds, Rad and I left on a magical mystery tour taking in Parliament House and some of Canberra's attractions to round out a 40km ride for his day.

I then hot-footed (or should that be hot-cleated?) it back to the Library for the all essential cup of post cycling coffee. As the wind howled (the average wind speed was over 37 km/hr with gusts much higher), I took my leave, and buoyed by the ease of on-road cycling, headed up Barry Drive once again to finish the day covering just over 70 kilometres in the worst cycling wind I can remember!



I have been chastised for not keeping my blog up to date (a fair cop!), so a quick summary.
Medication is still working well.
Quite a bit more activity this week, made all the better by Bob's rapid recovery from his lurgy which rid him of his appetite for nearly a week.
On Monday, the PRB and I met for our regular (two out of 2) cycle at Mawson. We did an extra bit along the trails at the base of Mt Taylor as well this week, reminding me of how wonderful it is to get out in the bush on the bike. Must do more soon! Also went to the gym in the evening and did some cardio work on the rowing machine, and the cross trainer as well as a surprisingly pleasant 30 minutes during the ABC News on the treadmill.
Tuesday is the movable feast of lunchtime running. Today was the Lake Ginninderra Stakes, a monthly 7k handicap around the shores of the northern lake in Canberra. I had a funny tummy that morning and was uncertain of my ability to attend, however the PRB offered to pick me up on the way which sealed the deal. We started early, off 5:00 minutes (my correct handicap is 18!) and it wasn't far into the run that I realised once again that I had forgotten to take my inhaler before the run, and wheezed my way through. The tum got it's revenge and I whisked myself away as soon as I had finished in (about) 41:50 with a toilet stop along the route. The rest of the day was a write off.
Just a bushwalk on Wednesday, as Bob left for the Gold Coast Half Ironman at Coomera Waters on Sunday. Household chores and an attempt to organise some of my paperwork.
Another cycle with PRB and Rad on Thursday, this time meeting at Hughes and wandering along the bike path to Scrivener Dam, and then down to Weston Creek to check the mail and http://maps.google.com/maps?q=http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/kml/episode.kml%3FepisodePkValues%3D1432062&ie=UTF8&z=12&ll=-35.260198,149.0625&spn=0.109331,0.227966&om=1 so on at a Friends place, before returning on a magical mystery tour. Coffee at a too-well shaded Hughes Bakery afterwards was very pleasant before I cycled home via the chemist, making for a 54 km round trip. Very nice.
Friday, brush teeth, go to Customs. The wind came up after I had locked my bike, but it was nowhere near as strong as last week. Wombatface also turned up for his first run which was great! Again, I was into the run before I realised that I needed the inhaler before the run! I pushed hard, and managed to be the first of the regular runners to finish once again despite my handicap being put back to 8:00 minutes, and I busted a gut to finish in a tad under 28:00 minutes in 27:56. I was very happy - it seems such a slow time, but it is a marked improvement in the right direction! Afterwards a very pleasant bowl of coffee (like a French Cafe au Lait bowl, but with a handle) with Ewan at the National Library. I contemplated the strengthening wind before riding home up Barry Drive and Belconnen Way.
More Cycling! A group of the PRB's Saturday morning group were going out to the Cotter for a run early (6:00 am) on Saturday. However tempting, I knew that running this distance and course was not sensible for me, so we agreed to join them on our bikes. I didn't bother to chance tyres from the full slicks I was running, remembering that the surface was pretty good. I expected the climbs to be hard however, and the 5:30 am start meant that I only slept briefly as I kept waking so that I wouldn't over sleep. It was hard, but great fun.
Overall, not much running, but 124km of cycling from a base of zero a few weeks ago.

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  • Sri Chimnoy Long Course Tri 6 March 5:30:35
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  • Hobart International Triathlon 20 February 2:52:05

  • Canberra Capital Triathlon 30 January 3:01:43
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  • Medibank Private Australia Day8k 26 January 38:39
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  • Lorne Pier to Pub Swim 1.2k 8 January 22:12
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  • Lorne Mountain to Surf 8k 7 January 0:37.56
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    moon phases

  • 5k 20:11 Cairns 2000
  • 10k 43:49 Moruya
  • City to Surf 1:02:57 2000
  • Half Marathon 1:33:50 Steamboat 2000
  • Marathon 3:47:56 Canberra 2005
    Chip Time (3:47:13) Sydney 2005

  • Kilometres Run
    January 212
    February 199
    March 214
    April 201
    May 188
    June 182
    July 255
    August 246
    September 155
    October 159
    November 200
    December 62
    Year to Date 2,267

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  • Days Sick
    January 10
    February 10
    March 10
    April 4
    May 7
    June 8
    July 9
    August 11
    September 11
    October 11
    November 9
    December Lots. ?15

    Distance Swum
    February 17,400m
    October 3,800m
    November 4,150m
    December .
    Distance Cycled
    November 120km
    December 297 km