Bad Duck. Baaad Duuuck.


I haven't blogged for a week, although I keep planning what I am going to write and don't get time to sit in front of the screen.

We have a bright shiny new car, and it is lov-er-ly.

Even this (yep, a whole two sentences) has been sitting in my draft folder for two days!

To Answer some Recent Questions:

Bob has settled on a bike and order (estimated delivery time from Italia 6 weeks), a beautiful yellow sunflower Colnago Cristello frame with Full Dura-Ace and two sets of spiffy wheels (that is, I can't remember what they are off the top of my head, but one carbon race set and a training set).

Health: Up, Down, Round and Around but hanging in there.

I ran the BBQ Stakes last week with the uncharacteristic accompaniment of an MP3 recording of techno "Podrunner" music along the way. I wasn't fast. (Fast? Ha! 33:20 for 6km!) but the beat of the music did help me along the way, especially up the hills. More experimentation is needed.

Afterwards, it was wonderful to see Peter, the PRB, who we had just learned had been diagnosed with cancer and required immediate surgery. He let us know about the plans as they fell at the moment, and lots of hugs were exchanged.

After two hours sleep on Tuesday night, and me getting through on pure adrenaline, Thursday was a complete write off. Lots of sleep.

Customs Joggers on Friday arrived and I tried really hard, finishing in 25:56. Cracking 25 minutes, let alone 23 is still a long way off. Que Se Sera.

Friday was also Bob's 59th Birthday (a.k.a. M55.4), and we had an early booking for dinner at The Ottoman in Barton. With a slightly moth eaten bottle of St Henri 1990 under our arm, we settled on a degustation menu, substituting the famous near death experience of Bob eating Prawns (adult onset allergy) of the prawn "tastes" on the menu with some other delightful suggestions of the Chef. It was a great meal. Small dishes with intense, finely honed flavours. With wicked weather outside, we left the full restaurant quite early and Lucy and I sang Happy Birthday around a couple of Lemon Tarts (Bob's preference) with Candles stuck in the top.
I had planned to run the Vets Handicap at Mt Ainslie on Sunday, and Bob and Rad were doing the Duathlon , but the overnight temperatures were horrible, and despite a very early night on Saturday in preparation, I snuggled further under the covers and fell back asleep. It was a bitterly cold day.
We collected the Subaru on Monday afternoon, and Bob headed off to the Gold Coast Half, via visiting friends en route around lunchtime on Tuesday. I made it (although was late for the start as usual) to the Lake Ginninderra Stakes, and hit the start running a few seconds of my "remember when" handicap of 18:00 minutes. Ha! I was doing it tough and was surprised to get to the 6km mark of the run in around 33:30, the time I did the far hillier and more challenging BBQ Stakes last week. I really was trying Miss. It might have hurt during the run and I may not have enjoyed it at the time, however I am so pleased to keep this up and at least get out there. Although not subjecting myself to the 'pressure' of racing, it it far more likely that I can get out there though, for running on my own would be full of pressure to stop and go home.
Chatting to the Amigo's of Rad, Friar and Aki afterwards, Aki and I retired to a chain store coffee shop (our first preference on the 'pond was closed, yet again). It was great curled up on a comfy chair in the empty store against the sun drenched windows.
BBQ Stakes on Wednesday was more of a challenge than I bargained for. Pain, difficulty in breathing and things just not moving fast enough. I wasn't last, but am amazed at how hard it was to get around the 6k course in 39 minutes. It was all worthwhile though as Aki and The PRB, fresh from his surgery and in convalescence retired to a cafe at Phillip for a full catchup, and plans for a meal together on Friday.
So, life is pretty damn good, even if running is not going so well at the moment. It will improve.
Or something!

Weekend Update


All my enthusiasm for running was for nought on Friday when I ran out of time when preparing for the Customs 30th Anniversary Run, and in putting up balloons at the Willow Tree Turnaround, I missed running myself. Huge numbers turned up though, with quite a few blue and white vertical striped singlets among the crowd, the original Custom Joggers Uniform during the Punic Wars.

There was a mountain of food bought by Mike for the occasion, and I ended up taking home a bag of feta cheese cubes, some pepperoni slices and black olives. Although there is still a pile of feta left, I have made a tortilla (potato omelet) with peperoni and feta, and a couple of open spinach, feta, olive and pine nut tarts. We have knocked off one of the tarts, and I must admit it is damned good, even if I do say so myself. No recipe guys, I just tossed stuff in, and it is more tart than quiche.

Bob and I ended up traipsing around looking at Subaru wagons on Saturday. It was unplanned, however we have never been happy with the Magna which was purchased quickly when my weak left arm could no longer handle the manual transmission of the sweet V6 gearbox on the 626. Sigh. Sandwiched between Bob cycling the Cotter Loop and a Saturday afternoon swim squad, we didn't have much time amidst the weekend crowds despite an appointment. Bob was impressed with the test drive (I'll return during the week for a test), and we are considering models and funds for this unplanned upgrade.

The Terry Fox fun run on Sunday had a cast of thousands and I felt that I said hello to a hundred of them! Special thanks to Vurt, Strewth and allrounder for putting up with my incessant rambling. The weather was on the cool side, but excellent for a 10k, and unlike last year, no rain.

I have had a pain in my right groin for a while now, and the GP hadn't thought it was a hernia during the last consultation, although it is far more painful when I cough or laugh. The pain was persistent and pretty bad while running, so I ear bashed poor Jodie, Mister B, and Strewth as a diversionary tactic during the event. I did feel more comfortable when I was on the way back, and gritted my teeth and tried to ignore the pain. Throughout the run, my left arm stayed down didn't spasm which was a big turn-up.

The groin pain intensified when I stopped and has been pretty bad for the last 24 hours. I'm not quite sure what to do - I can run, but it does stir things up.

I also have a sore throat now which is keeping me low. Not quite sure what is wise . . . . what to do, what to do?


I feel good. It's a little strange actually, especially given that it's still -2 C outside! It is especially beautiful however, there is quite a bit of moisture in the air, so the frost has formed a delicate white lace over most things.

The spider webs were particularly good, coated in a fine white patina, they glistened with a diamond-like intensity.

I am looking at setting some more goals, or at least, goal events.

To this end I have entered the Terry Fox Fun Run on Sunday, and will 'have a go' at the 10k.

A new way of thinking


I made it out to the Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k Handicap yesterday (every Tuesday, opposite KFC) for the second time ever. I had managed to get the small cork-boards I have been searching Canberra for, and after a few trips to Bunnings to find the correct hinges, buy one and install it to check that it's OK, return for more etc etc, I only managed to get there in the nick of time. No problem, I was there for some time, not a fast time.

There were quite a lot more people than I had known before (12 or 13) and it was a good fun run, especially as this week it was out and back, allowing me to see others on the course. I came last, and was over 5 minute pace (around 31 minutes), but although I went out too fast - almost inevitable when I run so rarely, however I picked up the pace from that to which I had slowed in the last 2 kilometres.

Despite a very cold start to the day, it was beautiful during the middle of the day, and I fearlessly stated my intention to cycle to the BBQ Stakes today. I realised much later that this was barely possible with an early appointment in town, although I kept my options open. Although I waved off Bob at news-time (7:45am) this morning while he looked like a Lycra clad bee with red lensed glasses, neck to knee thermals from Spain, and a full face balaclava with his nose sticking out, the prospect of me following him on my bike in the slowly warming -5 day was too unattractive. I wimped out and drove.

Ran the BBQ Stakes today (good), off my correct handicap time (very good), and didn't stop in the first 600m today (even better). Although I found it hard and didn't manage 5:30 pace, I am fairly upbeat about it all. After-all, I'm been here before a few thousand times, and there is nothing so satisfying as improving bit by bit to become a 'runner', you just stick at it. So I'm slow, but so what? I love to run!

A quick early bird dinner at one of our favourite restaurants this evening (out by 7:45pm) The Chairman and Yip. Saw fellow cool runners Phibes for the first time since his assault on the 24 hour track championships in Taipei, and Lilly Legs who has a new addition to the family. Congratulations to both!

So, I mightn't be up to much (slow flat 6k yesterday, and an even slower 6k today), but it's good to be running. I've been at this point many times before, so onward and upward. After-all, a balmy -1 was predicted overnight!

Like a moth emerging from a cocoon


Without rhyme or reason, I woke up this morning (always a good sign), got out of bed (and straight away had a Blues song half written). Seriously though, although not up to marathon fitness, I was much better this morning, despite finding the house devoid of Bob - a quick investigation revealing that his bike and the car were still here, hence he must be running. It was a long run, and quite late by the time he returned, however the day looked stunning, despite a chilly -2* overnight, the sky was a brilliant blue, the countryside a rich green. I wandered around in a towel for a while to see if Bob had anything planned, otherwise I was going to go for a ride. Although tired, cold and hungry from the run, he was up for a slow-coach-Carolyne cycle as well, and after a quick bowl of cereal and an apple, we headed off. I couldn't find my trusty thermal socks and skullcap to wear under the helmet, but it looked like such a nice day! In fluorescent lime green and navy, we headed off to Gunghalin (for the heck of it), with Bob spying Strewth on the way around Lake Ginninderra. Well spotted, Bob! G'Day Strewth!

The untried, although promising looking Noodle Bar and Asian Tea House at Gunghalin was alas, closed, as was "Billy Baxter's" the only street side cafe which wasn't known to me as part of a megalopolis chain. Bob was hungry, so of the franchise options of Gloria Jean, Coffee Club, Cafe Guru, & Starbucks left us with a sandwich at Subway instead. Maybe not the most exciting birthday lunch, but a 6" Veggie delight (for me, sans cheese and dressing) was at least fairly good for me.
After that, instead of returning via Lake Ginninderra, we headed down Flemington Road, with it's indifferent and changing road surface on the bike lane down towards Northbourne Avenue and then up to the base of Mt Ainslie. Home via the National Museum, I felt better as I went along, and kept dreaming about upcoming events and made plans to cycle as much as possible over the coming days while the weather was clement.



It has been an 'interesting' week . . . my health has (kinda) bad this week; more neurological stuff than anything else; eyes, left arm, balance, speech when tired and cognitive dysfunction. And overwhelming fatigue. Not too bad as it stands, but it was deteriorating and I was concerned that it was going to get worse.
Also, Bob had a cousin from the West over visiting with his wife (which is good), and his brother from the south coast also came up for a day or two - which was all very tiring (in my 'delicate' (haha) condition).
However, contrary to the sense I had yesterday, I was heaps better today, and was able to make it along to Customs. It was a bit of a struggle, but I ran 27:00 for the 5k, which I wasn't unhappy with. There was a pretty good turnout, especially of women, with a record (I think of 13 today - out of 27 - Yumiko, Adrienne, where were you when we needed you?). Jodie did a massive PB though which was great, and allrounder has finalised the CR Bush marathon team with Aki in there.
Aki and I had a 'quick coffee' - or hoped to - at The Deck afterwards. Unfortunately, the staff seem to have changed and the service is appalling. Last time we waited forever, asked repeatedly, and they still didn't serve us and we ended up walking out. Today I was insistent, but it wasn't good.
We had some important things to discuss - the wisdom (or otherwise) of me doing the Woodford to Glenbrook, and my desire for us to get away together for a weekend and catch up with some CR's. We are toying with the idea of making it the weekend of the 5k Bay challenge, incorporating important things like a visit to the Lindt cafe at Martin Place and so on. Any suggestions for a good weekend in Sydney? My old stamping ground, but all new to Aki.
Fingers crossed for another better day tomorrow, eh?

Propaganda Posters


No Running.

These were a couple of Propaganda posters we bought in Hanoi which I got framed. The Green one above is from 1972 (Don't Give Up!) The One Below from the Fall of Saigon in 1975.

Warning - Whinge Blog:Take 3


I have sat with a blank post in front of me for two nights, and just didn't know what to write that was 'Upbeat' and optimistic.

So I wrote nothing.

Nothing is particularly wrong, although I am feeling a bit glum: my eyes are very sore with a sharp pain and reduced visual acuity, especially in low light where I feel that I can't see. It is just a bit familiar of those times when my vision was so bad (?Optic Neuritis) that I barely saw at all. I was classified as legally blind by the blind society. I've been enjoying seeing, and it certainly makes running easier when you've been used to it. Of course Roy Daniels (local visually impaired marathoner and physio) would have something else to say about that!
My left side - arm - has been wonky too; nothing too dramatic at the moment, dead feeling and lack of function. It's just not doing what I want at the moment, and consequently I tend to drop at lot of things and find that things like turning a page, patting the cat, or picking up an envelope are not very successful. Coming home from meeting Bob yesterday for example, I could not have driven a manual car: this lack of function some years ago had led us to discard the much loved Mazda V6 gearbox for an auto (point and shoot driving), as having a passenger change gears is only good if (you can see), and there is a passenger in the car! Right now, it's OK and I am typing alright; but the body memory of what it might develop into (especially with the vision affected as well) makes me a tad glum.
Whinge over!
It is a cold, miserable looking winter day, and I hope to get along to Customs to run/hold the clock/meet friends. I have printed all the reports and have them on the board so that Bob can take them in if I fade too early.
I have set up the wind-trainer, and hope to get up for a session sometime today.

"The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions"

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