Kama, Krama, Kramar Chameleon

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Apart from the amazing Champa and Angkor temples of Cambodia, and the spectacular food, Cambodia was remarkable for one other thing; one which is probably common knowledge and I should have known if I had done my research (or was fully briefed by 'my people'): the cool, use as everything, looks-a-little-like-a-teatowel scarf that is most associated with Kampuchia is called . . . .drumroll please . . . . a Krama! On the basis of this, I bought a couple from workshops where the women were making them.

Since returning to Hanoi, we have continued to eat a great deal of excellent food, including a couple of visits to "Cha Ca La Vong" - a one dish restaurant around the corner from home. Here, ordering is a breeze. Do you want something to drink? Then there are a couple of bottled beers and cans of soft drink available. Otherwise, the food is a set price of 90,000 dong, (now about $7 since the AUD dollar plummeted). Cha Ca is a Hanoi speciality, where a charcoal burner is brought to the table with a skillet of partly cooked fish fillet pieces. Each diner has a plate with Bun, thin white rice noodles, and bowls of dill greens, roasted peanuts, special fish sauce, mint and other herbs, chilli and so on are on the table to share.

The waiter fires up the charcoal to further cook the fish with the dill greens. A diner then places the bun, fresh herbs and further greens in their bowl, with hot fish and greens, which is then topped with sauces, spices and nuts to taste. The greens and accompaniments keep coming, more cooking and serving until one is stuffed and replete with delicious food.

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