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From Australia Day 2005

8k not out. I woke up feeling good, and managed to get going without drama this morning for the Medibank Private Australia Day Fun Run in Commonwealth Park. Bob and I drove down fairly early (for us) and saw quite a few people we knew, although the event was distinctive for all the "twice a year fun runners" who were in attendance. I was delighted to be there, and pleased that the event was on to encourage me to get out and do something early, rather than be too concerned about breaking down into the run, after my previous attempts. With a (rather clumsy) call for 'sub 28 minute' runners to the line, I mingled with others from the cross country club for the 8 a.m. start (On time!)There seemed to be the usual bun rush over the first kilometre or so, with small children stopping after a sprint start, and others fading after their optimistic race from the start. I settled into a happy enough pace, and at 2km felt very comfortable. I still did not recognise those around me. Heading up onto Kings Avenue Bridge I was overtaken by a couple of women, and I was unable to judge their age range, nor run abreast of them as it was far too narrow. Felt good until about the 4k mark, but then faded a bit as the mob thinned out and there were fewer people to chase. Nevertheless was not unhappy with my time of 38:40 given the long break, and better still things held together for the first time in about three weeks. I'm back!

It's interesting to read last years blog of this run, and makes me feel a tad less glum about today's performance. On the good side, while I Slower today than last year (I'm not going to contemplate the course change and distance variation = I'll take it as par for arguments sake), it was a matter of 20 seconds or so, rather than yesterdays BBQ Stakes 3 or 4 minute drop off.

A larger field this year, a slower start and logjam at the beginning, and the good company of Aki and allrounder. I finished well behind both of them, and Bob, uncharacteristically told me not to worry so much about my (lack of) speed.

We had to leave early and collect our Great Niece Madelyn for a few hours of fun. She is great, and we headed to the pool, where at just two years of age, she is extremely confident and has a great deal of physical competence about everything. Our time ended a little too soon, however even hanging around in the kids pool seemed to attack the sinus' and I dropped off to sleep in some pain and discomfort (again) for a few hours.

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