Carolyne on Wednesday

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I finally felt well enough to treat myself to the planned 'walk to a coffee shop', and with good weather promised, waited until the worst of the morning chill was out of the air before heading out the door.

I stayed on the flat footpath along Bandjalong Crescent through Aranda to begin with, as my knee was still very stiff and I sought to walk on a flatter surface to allow it to warm up.

Across into Black Mountain Nature Park and then on the trails across Belconnen Way at the back of O'Connor Ridge, one couldn't help but wonder at the joys of living in Canberra and the scope of access to such a great network of trails and nature reserves throughout the territory.

I hadn't gone far, but the knee should have warmed up and improved by now. I really enjoyed walking around O'Connor Ridge at the back of the AIS, and then headed down Wattle Street to treat myself to a short black at Tilley's. The service took ages, and although it was pleasant sitting outside in the sun, I wasn't feeling as great as I hoped to be, and realised that I should head back towards home, instead of heading further a field to do a giant loop via Mt Ainslie.

I was a little confused upon leaving the cafe, but eventually settled on getting back onto the trails at the back of Lyneham, and then along the bike paths through the AIS and onto the campus of Canberra Uni, before skirting the lake and heading home.

My knee remained stiff and was not at all happy, although it wasn't especially painful. I continued to be tired, and yawned incessantly. The last kilometre or three were fairly hard going and I succeeded in pulling the washing off the line before collapsing into bed and sleeping until the early evening.

My knee was swollen up to the size of a large watermelon, and I was struggling around like a little old lady.

So no walking for me today. And no Customs on Friday.

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