A Fine Start, Ollie

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No, nothing to do with s8boarding.
Bob had a physio appointment first thing this morning, and was then heading for a swim. Although there were things we needed to do after that, I threw on my cycling clothes and without little preparation headed out the door on my much loved and very under-used Road Bike for a spin.
I knew I didn't have long ~ and needed to be in contact with Bob, so I rode off with the earphones attached to my phone and the radio on, and only arm warmers with a cool running tri top; no skull cap under my helmet, short knicks, short socks. The radio (ABC NewsRadio 103.9FM) advised me as I rolled down the hill from home that it was 5 degrees. I was committed and regardless of the weather and the fact that I could hear the front tyre squelching against the bitumen (I had forgotten that I hadn't pumped up the tyres since before we travelled) I continued on, as too many times in the last two weeks I had made aborted attempts to cycle.
I didn't have too long to decide which direction to head, but as it was just after the morning rush, I rode down Coulter Drive and then into Southern Cross Drive. It was very pleasant cycling conditions, although the tyre pressure was making it hard going. I turned around after a measly 10km and came home via an alternate route. Not far, not fast (I'm embarrassed to say I averaged around 20k/h), but it was good to get out on the road bike for a change.
Bob eventually arrived home, and confirmed that I had about 8 PSI in the rear (Ouch) and less in the front. They are now up to full training pressure of about 120PSI. Cycling should be easier now!
Bob and I went and bought some clothes for him and I confirmed that I could take the car for a visit to Geoff's group tonight, concentrating on the long warm-up and warm up. However, I dropped Bob at Clinic 88 where he was meeting a friend for a run after a massage, and went home do some much needed but boring chores. I was whacked! I lay down, and before I knew it, I was not just in the land of nod, but aledgedly snoring my head off. And it was long past Geoff's group time before I woke up. Nearing sunset, no run for me today. I guess I needed the sleep.
Tomorrow - Customs 5k, and maybe another ride on inflated tyres!

4 Responses to “A Fine Start, Ollie”

  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Looking good, Carolyne! Enjoy the run & ride tomorrow...glorious Autumn days!

  2. Blogger speedygeoff 

    Did you dream you ran with the training group? If so, I will dream that I marked you present on the roll :)

  3. Blogger Friar 

    Now you'l be all "pumped up" for the run today.

    You'll probably have a blinder after the "enforced" rest day.

  4. Blogger Wobbly man 

    I hope it's a bit warmer upm there than it is down here! Good for your 5K I guess - did it go well?

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