Dancing on the Ceiling??

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Nope! Painting the town red! Or Blue. And the town is more like my study . . . .

It's not that Bob and I are indecisive about everything, far from it.

"Would you like to go to Hong Kong for your birthday?" he asks

"Sure thing" I say and we are there the next week hiking and running around the hills without seeing a soul for eons.

But housework related activities are a little different. It took a couple of years of taping hand drawn sketches on the walls of the storeroom of "this is how our bikes could look if they hang" before Bob could concede to look into it. You see, although I have lived here since mid 1991, I still feel that this is Bob's house ~ he's been here forever, and the mission brownish and remaining macrame 70's touches reinforce this.

Anyway, with us both home, I am spending a great deal of time in my study which is a conglomeration of bits of old furniture we both had, and with an exposed brown brown brown brick wall, it is rather bland.

I had strung up a couple of flags (the Torres Strait Islander colours are great), but it was always a stopgap that never ended. Today we popped down to a local paint shop and I bought some rather bright blue paint for one wall of my small study. Enthused, Bob also opted to get a similar tone (slightly darker and greyer) to one day paint the wall behind the bikes, with the idea that we then have a light-almost-white above it, behind the white wire shelves and on the vaulted ceiling.

This afternoon I spent preparing the wall and carting literally thousands of books and journals upstairs and moving furniture around. I was able to get one coat of bright blue on the wall tonight, and even in the surrounding mess it makes me feel happy.

Customs tomorrow with Aki, and a bit more painting. I will try to at least un-brown the back (study side) of the door in the room as well. I'd better go before I make some really bad pun about listening to Miles Davis and being Kind of Blue.

3 Responses to “Dancing on the Ceiling??”

  1. Anonymous cj 

    Hope your sinuses are improving. How's the Six Foot training going?

    This year is the Year of the House - extensions/renovations commencenext month and at some stage we are going to have to move out. Very exciting and will look great once everything is done. We still have the original 70's kitchen and bathroom!

  2. Anonymous Cirque 

    Sounds lovely. Will we see photos when it's finished?

  3. Anonymous Aki 

    I love the description of the before colours! And while we're on the subject of songs, don't make my brown walls blue...

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