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Ewen must have been right - whinging can be therapeutic, as this morning I awoke (or rather was dragged out of bed by a starving cat who was going to DIE if he didn't have breakfast), with my eyes open enough to see the whites, a relatively clear head and feeling considerably better. Yay! (again).

Thanks Ewen. :)

3 Responses to “Words of the Wise Wombat”

  1. Blogger strewth 

    Is that the same cat who has his own blog?? FD, I do hope you're feeling much better - ready to face a VERY cold Monday!! I've been enjoying Bob's travels and amazing photos - when is YOUR next trip planned?

  2. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Yes, there's nothing like a good old whinge. Happy to hear you're having a good day. There'll be more to come I'm sure.

    Hope to see you around sometime!

  3. Blogger Ewen 

    No worries FD. I don't crawl out of my wombat hole for anyone you know - especially during hibernation season!

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