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OK, so I went back to the doctor after my course of antibiotics to find that I was better, but far from best. My ears are certainly much clearer, however the sinuses are still considerably congested.

I have another course of the two antibiotics, with a third added for anaerobic bugs. Conventional wisdom indicates that this is unnecessary, however last year this combination finally sorted me out after a few months last year.

Whether just happen stance or the effects of the drugs, I felt pretty good this morning after a sluggish start. I had intended hoped to go along to Customs early and jog where I could and walk where I had to. Knowing that this would take forever, I wanted to start before everyone arrived. However the best laid plans of ducks and drakes . . . . I arrived after the watch had started, and was delighted to see Aki, Friar, Rad and Paul in attendance. Without too much ado, Aki decided to run with me after I'd cautioned her that I would be both very slow and may not finish.

We started at 6:00 minutes (I noticed my most recent handicap was 1:45) and Aki gleefully complained that I was sprinting too fast 'like a gazelle'. We settled into a comfortable (for me) steady rhythm, and I was delighted to chalk up the first kilometre, the second kilometre and the turnaround at the willow tree.

I am embarrassed to say here that it was a run, given the pace, but; I couldn't help grinning to myself, thinking and occasionally saying 'I ran 5k, I ran 5k'. The time? 37:08 and I am wrapt!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  2. Anonymous Gronk 

    Great stuff FD !

  3. Blogger Ewen 

    Woohoo FD! Your natural fast start is still in evidence :)

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