Savannah Georgia

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We are having so much fun, that there hasn’t been much time to blog. That the days are so short (longer now here in the southern city of Savannah, Georgia, however with the sun rising after 7:00 am and setting not long after 5:00 pm, I’m certainly looking forward to getting back to longer days at home), doesn’t help, as does the fact that I am sharing the laptop with Bob (For the last time!). Love him dearly, but as a two fingered typist, he is certainly a computer hog.

We had planned to leave Savannah by now and be in Charleston, South Carolina. We are enjoying the mild coastal weather, the great southern hospitality and having a chance to just hang around in this lovely small city.

Of course, there are some compensating factors – many compensating factors! We had found a Reindeer Run 5k in Charleston on Saturday – but it seemed very expensive for a measly 5k. I then noticed the Savannah River Bridge Run on Saturday here in town – a 5k at 8:15 am (starting on the other side of the river in South Carolina), a 10k out over the bridge and back starting at 9:00 am, and the DOUBLE PUMP! (their emphasis), combining the two.

Described as the toughest bridge run in the south / or the country, the run takes us over the Talmadge Bridge. It's a 1.4 mile span at a 5.5% grade, 196 feet above the Savannah River. that's an average of a 5.5% gradient up and over and over and over for the 15k double pump. Maybe not too smart for me at the moment, but hell, you've just gotta do it, don't you?

So four weekends, four fun runs, four t-shirts. Pretty cool!

This whole journey has been remarkable for a couple of reasons, it seems as though we are stepping right into the set of Seinfeld (up north, or close to Florida); or are characters in every episode of the Simpsons that we have ever seen. Religious theme parks, a beer (not Duff) Theme Park, excessive Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas stuff everywhere. Decorated theme rooms, Bars like Moe's, and more.

Then there are the songs. Thank heavens that no one else has to suffer our voices in the car! Every location we visit, pass through or nearby has a song burned into our consciousness by popular culture. And out it spurts from our mouths. Sweet Home Alabama. A Rainy night in Georgia. Walking to New Orleans. Those Cotton Feiolds back home.

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  1. Blogger Ewen 

    Well done Carolyne. T-shirts are always wearing out.

    You remind me of how we sang 'Goodbye Earl' when driving through Idaho.

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